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Forefront, LLC Can Help You Design the Practice
of Your Dreams

what I learned

your practice is an extension of you!

My first practice was scarcely 850 square feet, and the fit-up of the area required planning. As I found out, even a simple setup can make or break how your practice feels - not only to you but to your staff and most importantly, your patients. 

As I grew as a clinician and a business owner, my needs changed. The three offices that I opened after my first all had their challenges, and all of them taught me something. Though it's hard to imagine having the "perfect" space, sometimes experience and a new set of eyes can help craft the best use of what you have available. Our "Spine Design" team can do anything from help change out the lighting, to designing a full remodel. Check out our list of services below to see how we can offer you exactly what you need!

first office.jpg

My first office was small, but it required me getting my hands dirty. Throughout the next twelve years, I opened three more practices, learning with each step. Each clinic is different, but the utilization of your available space is critical to your practice's success. 

before corral.jpg

From this....


To this!


  • Patient Flow Analysis

  • Lighting

  • Fit-up Consulting

  • Color Palette 

  • Furniture

  • Construction

  • Ambiance and "Office Feel"

  • Tailor your space to connect with your target audience


About Dr. Beth

Dr. Bethany Van Rooy, D.C. is a 12-year veteran chiropractor and business owner who has built a reputation as being a leader in both patient care and business consulting. Her success and experience runs the gamut from starting a practice from scratch, clinic design and construction, crafting cohesive patient care plans and developing a practice exit strategy. 


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